As we speedily move towards urbanisation in India, the importance of innovative construction methods has become really significant for the purpose of constructing liveable human habitats. At CEPT University, we realise this and therefore, we are working towards addressing this concern with our Bachelor’s in Construction Technology Program (BCT). Our students, under the BCT Program, are learning how to tackle the challenges of construction by using innovative methods. While we extensively work with them to help them understand the basics of construction, we also teach them how to incorporate the latest technology in building and construction, and the impact these have on creating sustainable structures.  

We are extremely proud of the fact that once our students graduate from the BCT Program, they have the optimum expertise to figure design solutions for problems in construction. Their solutions will incorporate the use of modern-day equipment and Artificial Intelligence or AI as well. AI is now being used in the length and breadth of construction. Every construction plan includes AI-powered devices nowadays, right from the design drawing to the actual building process. In the future, as needs diversify, design solutions will grow complex and therefore, the need for AI will only grow. Here are a few ways in which AI is used for effective construction these days: 

  1. 3D designing and modelling 

AI is being used for the purpose of preparing building models as well as drawing the structures. This construction technology is called Building Information Modelling (BIM). It allows the architects and construction engineers to plan, design and build constructions effectively.  

  1. Photo-taking and site mapping  

AI powered tools have created opportunities for construction experts to take 3D pictures of the building to be constructed. This helps the designers to predict the building output, the measurements needed and the outcome of the construction project. 

  1. Construction Budgeting and estimation  

Every other construction project incorporates budgeting and cost calculations, and with AI, making such estimates has become supremely easy. Experts are easily able to plan their projects and therefore, set estimates for the construction process.  

  1. Site measurements 

Construction involves intricate calculations and there is always a scope of human error to occur, especially in the construction of complex structures. Thus, with the coming of AI in construction technology, powerful calculators have made it possible to remove these miniscule errors by giving competitive calculations.  

Such is the influence of AI in construction technology and in the coming years, it is only going to expand. Therefore, through the curriculum of our Bachelor’s in Construction Technology Program we keep our students abreast with the developments in construction technology and help them in being proactive in using these. Our course spans over a period of five years and it trains learners to uniquely solve problems in modern-day construction through creative solution-oriented thinking. Admissions to our BCT undergraduate degree are open for 2022. You can call us at +91-79-26302470, +91-79-68310000 or email us at to know more about the eligibility and entrance process.  

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