Best Course for Construction Aspirants 

Have you just graduated from school? Cleared your 12th boards and JEE-Mains? Do you have a passion for construction and don’t know where to begin? Well then you have come at the right place. We know that right now you must be hounded by thoughts around the right courses after JEE Mains. So, we have […]

AI in Construction Technology 

As we speedily move towards urbanisation in India, the importance of innovative construction methods has become really significant for the purpose of constructing liveable human habitats. At CEPT University, we realise this and therefore, we are working towards addressing this concern with our Bachelor’s in Construction Technology Program (BCT). Our students, under the BCT Program, […]

What is a Construction Technology (BCT) Course?   

what is construction engineering

In the recent years, construction technology has become a fairly prominent field of study in the engineering world. It refers to the field of construction engineering that focuses on the use of technology for building purposes. The technology used here maybe high-end or simplistic, but it definitely caters to construction in an advanced manner.   In […]

The Latest Construction Technology Reshaping the Industry 

construction technology reshaping the industry

Technology is a part of all our lives and it has made a huge impact on all aspects of the world, including the construction sector. This marriage between technology and construction work, popularly known as Con-tech or Construction Technology, has gained a lot of eye balls in the last couple of years and it is […]

Career in Construction Technology

career in construction technology

Have you ever wondered how the iconic Ambani mansion, Antilia, holds 27 floors in the space-crouched city of Mumbai? If you have and if such design thoughts excite you, then a career in Construction Technology is probably your calling! Construction Technology is a field of building, construction and engineering that uses high-end equipment and advanced […]

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