Technology is a part of all our lives and it has made a huge impact on all aspects of the world, including the construction sector. This marriage between technology and construction work, popularly known as Con-tech or Construction Technology, has gained a lot of eye balls in the last couple of years and it is now considered an advanced field of study as well.  

There have been many new innovations in this area and this has allowed the field of construction engineering to diversify itself. It seems like every day a new machine, tool or an automated system is being invented to aid the workers in the field. This has taken the construction process to greater heights. New buildings are now stronger and much more efficient. Also, site work has become easier to manage and workers are able to give greater input into production. Altogether, the complexity of construction work has stemmed down and is therefore, empowering the workers.  

Earlier, with little to no innovation, work in the construction business and in other industries was more manual. On every step of the way, human involvement was necessary. However, due to the technological advancements in the construction field, many parts within the construction process became automated. So, individual productivity increased which aided the making of complex creations.  

Here are some of the construction technology inventions that have helped the sector in growing over the years- 

  1. Augmented Reality 

The coming of AR has helped build better communication between the engineers and clients. It has enabled construction designers to exactly show the experience that they plan on delivering with their work. Visualisation as a step in the construction process has become much more real and accessible.  

  1. 3D Printing 

All construction plans, especially site work can be done in the 3D format instead of the old 2D version. This has allowed greater efficiency to come into effect. With a 3D model plan, work has become easier and there is almost no room for error, greater accuracy assurance, resulting in both time and money being saved.  

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

The coming of AI has helped lessen the load at so many levels. The work that required manual input and constant human surveillance is now done with help of these robotic machines that have powerfully tackled labour shortages as well. 

  1. Drones 

The use of drones has allowed better inspection of site work and it has even made the construction areas safe for the workers.   

  1. Mobile Apps and Computer Software 

The best thing that seemed to have saved a lot of paper work and time is the use of apps to track progress. All construction work is easily monitored and accessible through company generated apps and softwares. These also allow managements to efficiently manage their teams.  

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