In the recent years, construction technology has become a fairly prominent field of study in the engineering world. It refers to the field of construction engineering that focuses on the use of technology for building purposes. The technology used here maybe high-end or simplistic, but it definitely caters to construction in an advanced manner.  

In a construction technology course, the students are taught about the basics of the construction process, which includes- the purpose, the ideation, the materials, the methods and the tools. Every new landscape needs a new lens of analysis, so the best construction method can be adopted for its development. Therefore, studying construction technology is imperative for professionals and aspirants of the construction engineering field.  

In India, there are very few programs that offer a Bachelor in Construction Technology (BCT) and we are proud to be a part of that little circle. CEPT University Ahmedabad offers a 5-year Undergraduate Degree Program in Construction Technology (BCT) that focuses on creative problem-solving and technological innovation in construction. It is the only construction technology program in India that is centred around studio-based practice. All these learning studios offer students opportunities to enhance their conceptual, theoretical and analytical skills. Students understand the theories with an intellect to innovate via intense participation in laboratory-based testing of materials, soil and environmental parameters. Students are also apprised with modern techniques of surveying and levelling with different instruments. The course curriculum of the program has been designed after careful thought and consideration to include all the aspects that entail the construction process. The delivery of the course adopts an inclusive futuristic vision as it ties along allied disciplines like architecture, planning and management.  

The classroom engagement includes work in small groups where real-life situations are simulated and students are guided to tackle those situations and therefore, learn along the way. To take their expertise further, students are placed with construction firms and agencies that help them build their work experience. At CEPT, we leave no stone unturned in providing our students with the best learning experience. When our graduates pass out they are ready to take on all the challenges of the con-tech space. They work as design professionals, entrepreneurs, building contractors, researchers, construction managers and as experts of the construction field. 

Our promise is to give our students the best education. We value their passion towards construction and innovation, and we hope that with our joint efforts, construction technology will gain greater recognition around the world.  

CEPT University’s BCT course curriculum is available at- 

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